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Nurses: Please Join National Call-in Day For Safe Chemicals December 13, 2011

December 9, 2011 by Katie Huffling   Comments (2)

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Please participate in a national call in day on Tuesday, December 13  to the U.S. Senate asking them to support the Safe Chemicals Act. Toxic chemicals are in every day consumer products and are found in our bodies, environment and communities. Currently federal laws are so weak that chemicals do not have to be proven safe before being released for general use.

What YOU can do:

Call the capitol switchboard and ask to be connected to your Senator’s offices (202) 224-3121.  Each state has two Congressional Senators. If you do not know who they are simply go to our Find Your Elected Official page and select your state.  When you call the office you will be connected to a senate staff person for your Senator or you will be asked to leave a message.  Simply indicate you are calling to ask Senator ___________ to co-sponsor and support the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 (S. 847).  (See sample message below)

Below is a list of Senators who have already signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill. Check the list and if your senators have signed on, simply call and thank them. Below is also a list of particularly influential senators that we would like to really encourage to sign on. Please check the list and make a special effort to call those senators.

This is a great opportunity for nurses' voices to be heard. Please contact 10 nursing friends and ask them to make the call and share it with more nurses too.


Sample Message

“My name is _____________________  I am a registered nurse in (name state).  I am calling Senator ______________  today to ask him/her to support S.B. 847, the Safe Chemicals Act. As a nurse I am concerned that toxic chemicals are found in so many of the products that are used in patient care settings as well as in everyday consumer products. These chemicals are ending up in our bodies, our patient’s bodies, the environment and in our communities. There is increasing evidence that these chemicals are responsible for a variety of cancers, reproductive health issues, learning disabilities and other illness. I am concerned that the current laws simply provide no protection to people and their health. There are no requirements that chemicals being released in our country for general use be safe to human health. This needs to be addressed and addressed quickly.

I would like to ask that the Senator be a co-sponsor to the Safe Chemicals Act and to vigorously support addressing toxic chemicals in our environment. 

Thank you for your time in listening to my request and please let me know how the senator plans to address this important issue."


Please make the Call and then let us know how it went by December 20th at our Chemical Policy blog.


To date 12 Senators have signed on as a co-sponsor

If the name of your senator is here, still call their office and say “Thank You” for their support.

Sen Blumenthal, Richard [CT]

Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA]  

Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] 

Sen Franken, Al [MN] 

Sen Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [NY] 

Sen Klobuchar, Amy [MN] 

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (lead sponsor) [NJ]

Sen Menendez, Robert [NJ]  

Sen Sanders, Bernard [VT] 

Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] 

Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon [RI]

Sen Merkely, Jeff [OR]


These Senators really need to hear from nurses:

Max Baucus & Jon Tester [MT]

John Boozman [AR]

Lamar Alexander [TN]

Mike Johanns [NE]

Mike Crapo [ID] 

Tom Carper [DE]

James Inhofe [OK]

Sherrod Brown [OH]

Casey [PA]

Snowe/Collins [ME]

Murkowski [AK]

Kirk [IL]

Hagan/Burr [NC]


This is a great opportunity for nurses' voices to be heard. Please contact 10 nursing friends and ask them to make the call and share it with more nurses too.

I called Senators Mikulski and Cardin. Their staffers were not able to give me specifics on whether the Senators planned to co-sponsor the bill or vote in support of the bill but I aksed that they email me a response. It sounded like they had already received a number of calls this morning asking for their support of the bill.

Katie Huffling 1606 days ago

I also called Senators Cardin and Mikulski's offices (Maryland). Both offices said the Senators were aware of the bill. Senator Mikulski is on the Health committee. Neither has taken a public stand on the Safe Chemicals Act. When I said the Senator Cardin's receptionist in October had said he had decided to co-sponsor, the current receptionist said the person must have made a mistake.

 I asked both Senators to reply to me about their concerns and why they were NOT co-sponsoring the bill. I said that the Companies would do fine making money, because they were already making safer products for sale in Europe, while citizens of the US were continuing ot be exposed to over 80,000 chemicals, including endorcrine disrupters that were causing earlier puberty in girls.

Claudia Smith 12/13/11


Claudia Smith 1606 days ago