Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

About me

I, Jeanne Leffers,  am currently a member of ANHE (the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments) and Co-chair of the Education Work Group.  Thoughout my nursing career as a nurse, public health nurse and educator for the past 30 years I have always been concerned about the relationship of a person's environment and health.  This concern has become part of my teaching, scholarship and service in my professional role.  Currently as Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth College of Nursing, I have taught community health nursing, environmental health nursing and other courses that address population health at  the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels.  I am eager to engage students and practicing nurses in opportunities to build knowledge of environmental health and find great joy in seeing the postive changes made in their professional and personal lives based upon what they have learned.  I also continue to serve on our campus sustainability efforts and teach in our sustainabilites program that extends environmental health information to students not in the health professions.  I also work with the Rhode Island State Nurses Environmental Affairs Committee for education and advocacy in RI. My future efforts will be directed towards my additional interests in global health so I will work to expand our knowledge of global environmental health issues and to also provide environmental educational opportunities to nurses in all regions of the world.