Intentionality Through the Lens of the AHNE Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Committee

The JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee was formed in 2019 following the 2018 ANHE retreat in Oracle, Arizona to celebrate ANHE’s ten years of addressing environmental health in nursing and to develop a strategic plan for the organization.  In reflecting on where ANHE was and where ANHE needed to be, the need of diversity in environmental health leadership rose to the top.   (In reflecting on the need to further address racial and economic justice, increasing diversity in nursing leadersip in environmental health is a priority and commitment.) The JEDI committee follows the Code of Ethics for Nurses, Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice and the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing. These provide guidance for the nursing profession and documents nurses’ ethical and professional responsibility. The Jemez Principles include 1. Be inclusive, 2. Emphasis on bottom-up organizing, 3. Let people speak for themselves, 4. Work together in solidarity & mutuality, 5. Build just relationships among ourselves, & 6. Commitment to self-transformation.  As a committee, we provide leadership and advice to the ANHE board to increase and promote JEDI principles and provide a system for regualr input and feedback on the progress of the JEDI initiatives internally.  Some recent actions by our committee include: evaluating all organizational documents (i.e., by-laws, strategic plan) through the JEDI lens and making recommendations to the AHNE Board of Directors.  Also assiting with the development of an AHNE DEI member survey and providing input on AHNE projects (i.e., Healthy Equity + Anti-Racism Leadership Institute), and setting and evaluating Committee goals.  Some short term goals for the committee this year include increasing diversity within the ANHE board and including at least one African American AHNE member on the Board of Directors, as well as placing one student representative on the JEDI Committee.  JEDI Committee members are Tammy Davis, Lisa Campbell, Ruth McDermott Levy, Anabell Castro Thompson (co-chairperson), and Shelley Upshaw (co-chairperson). We offer resources for nurses who are interested in JEDI work.  We encourage you to take the following action: check out the AHNE website and award-winning e-textbook, be open to new ideas, engage in reflective practice, examine one’s own implicit or unconscious bias, and engage in difficult conversations that will make us all more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

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