ANHE Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship 11

ANHE Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship

Application deadline extended to April 7. Apply today!

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments will be launching the first Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship program starting June 1st, 2019 and running through May 31st 2020. Applications for the ANHE Fellowship program are now open. Learn more about the ANHE Fellowship and how to apply!

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments’ (ANHE) Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship is designed to increase the capacity of nurses to address environmental and health equity issues in collaboration with communities, agencies, and public health and nursing organizations. The Fellowship will have a particular emphasis on climate change and health equity, but will include content on a variety of environmental health topics such as chemical exposures; food, air, and water quality; energy and health; and environmental justice. Environmental justice, the notion that no community should be disproportionately impacted by environmental exposures is a core value of ANHE in all of our work.

This new Fellowship program is being offered to increase nurses’ capacity to assess and address environmental health issues, with a focus on community-level impact and solutions to advance health equity for those disproportionately affected by environmental hazards. The Fellowship is a year-long program including environmental health education to gain a more thorough understanding of how environmental risks impact human health, as well as advocacy and community organizing, engagement, and empowerment basics.  Fellows will be assigned a mentor and both the fellows and mentors will be funded to attend two national Fellowship meetings.

Program Requirements

ANHE is seeking nurse mentors and fellows to apply to participate in the ANHE Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship Program. Three fellows and one mentor will be selected from each of the 10 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regions for a total of 30 fellows and 10 mentors. Three fellows will be paired with a mentor in their respective EPA regions. Together, the mentor and fellow will identify a target community to focus the fellow’s work and develop a plan to guide the Fellowship experience. Learn more about the eligibility criteria for fellows and mentors and how to apply below.

Learn more and apply to be a fellow.

Learn more and apply to be a mentor.

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11 thoughts on “ANHE Environmental Health Nurse Fellowship

  • Elena Taneva-Cholakova

    My name is Elena Taneva and I am originally from Bulgaria. I moved to US 4 years ago, where I have been working at Advent Health, Orlando. At present, I am transitioning from CVICU nurse to a Clinical Transplant Coordinator job. Moreover, I am working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at a Regenerative Clinic, part time. I already have my degree and master in Health Science- Global Health, a degree in Nursing and currently, I am perusing my master in nursing, Family Nurse Practicioner Track. I have traveled to 60 construes, doing mainly mission work. I would love to become an environmental nurse as this will help me in perdió get my PhD in Population Health in Harvard!

  • Katie Bolin

    Hello! I’m very interested in this fellowship opportunity. However, I’ve only been a nurse since May of 2017. Would you consider applicants who have less than the three years of experience? Thank you.

  • Ann Fuller

    Participating in a fellowship is a great opportunity for nurses who are interested in Environmental Health–Thank you.

    My name is Ann Fuller. My master’s degree is in Nursing and Health education and I’m a full-time doctoral candidate in health psychology (focus: psychoneuroimmunology) as PNI is the foundational science of my specialty Holistic Nursing. I’m board certified as an advanced holistic nurse (AHN-BC). In 2007 the EWG and ANA conducted a research survey entitled Health: A Survey on Health and Chemical Exposures; I chose to be a participant and later was asked to serve as the press contact in FL. Just prior to the dissemination I had an overwhelming toxic exposure in the hospital where I worked. During that time, I also suffered from a year-long toxic exposure which include a 6 months occupational leave. I fully vested in environmental health on an educational, personal, and professional level. I’m gathering my paperwork and writing the required essays and am looking forward to stepping into the next level of action and participation. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for the fellowship. Thank you for making this possible and I am hoping that I will become my reality.

  • Raluca Radu

    I’m a Canadian registered nurse and current graduate student at UBC, with a high interest in environmental health. Is there any way that I can apply, or is the fellowship only available to US citizens?

    • Cara Cook Post author

      Hi Raluca, so glad to hear about your interest in environmental health. Unfortunately the fellowship is only available to U.S. citizens, but I’m happy to keep you posted of opportunities that come up in the future. Please feel free to join some of the workgroup calls, particularly the climate change committee call as a way to connect with other nurses around the world on environmental health issues.