Food and Agriculture Committee

The Food & Agriculture Committee is broadly focused on the relationship between how we grow/raise our food and equitably distribute healthy and safe food to all people.  Sustainable farming, farmworker health and safety, pesticide use, and food insecurity are included in our wide range of committee interests, as is amplifying the use of Food As Medicine in our practice to reduce the burden of diet-related chronic disease in the population.

The Food and Agriculture Committee continues to meet monthly (1st Monday of the month at noon Pacific time, 3pm EST) for either webinars or general meetings – we do a webinar one month and a zoom meeting the other.

If you would like to join the Food & Agriculture Committee listserv, sign up here. (This link takes you to our Food and Ag Google group.)

For those wanting to learn more or join our Committee, please contact

Food and Agriculture Committee Chair

Barbara Sattler











Webinars and CE Programs 

We have discovered that there are a number of nurse-farmers out there and are enjoying getting to discuss how our food system from farm-to-fork is riddled with occupational and environmental health risks and food access inequities.   There are now a number of ANHE Food and Agriculture CE webinars (Green Bag Lunch – Green Tea Webinar Series) that are archived at this playlist on ANHE’s YouTube Station. You can also view the webinars here.

Featured Webinar: Plant-Rich Diets: Good for Humans, Good for the Planet

Speakers: Lasse Bruun, Global Director, 50 x and Audrey Sanchez, Founder, Executive Director,


We are collaborating with 9 chapters of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses in CA to deliver an up-coming webinar series on Farmworkers’ Health. Stay tuned for details.

Plant-based Diets

ANHE is an active member of 50by40, an international campaign whose mission it is to decrease meat consumption by 50% by 2040.   We have been helping to develop the health science on plant-based diets.