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Global Nurses Climate Change Committe

Welcome to the Global Nurses Climate Change Committee!

The urgency to act to reduce and protect against threats to public health presented by climate change is increasing. The Global Nurses Climate Change Committee was formed in response to the urgency and need for health professionals to increase awareness and promote action that addresses climate change as a health imperative. The nursing profession is in a unique position to lead on this issue, with the committee offering the opportunity for nurses to engage on action that promotes mitigation and adaptation responses to the climate crisis.

The Climate Change Committee views climate change impacts from a global lens and works to incorporate elements of practice, education, research, and policy/advocacy as it relates to solutions to address this health crisis.  Our current work includes developing educational resources that can be utilized by all specialties of nursing, identifying avenues for advocacy at local, state, and federal levels, and working within nursing organizations to prioritize this issue.

This committee encourages participation on an international level, as global unification is vital to advancing action to reduce health threats posed by climate change. Our committee calls are held on the third Thursday of every month at 5 -6  pm US Eastern time.

Sign up for our Committee listserve so you can stay up to date with our activities: Sign up! For more information about the ANHE Global Nurses Climate Change Committee, please contact Cara Cook (

Resources for Nurses 

NEW! ANHE Nurses’ Guide to What the Science Teaches US about Common Solutions to Climate Change and Family Health Problems – This guide was developed in response to the release of the 2020 House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis framework “Solving the Climate Crisis, A Congressional Roadmap for Ambitious Climate Action”. Supported by over 100 references, this guide highlights why nurses are calling on all our policymakers to join us in taking strong action now to address climate change and improve our families’ and community health!

Nurses Climate Challenge – Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) and ANHE have teamed up to bring you the Nurses Climate Challenge (NCC)! The NCC is a national campaign to mobilize nurses to educate 50,000 health professionals on the impacts of climate change on human health by 2022. Join the hundreds of Nurse Climate Champions from across the country as we launch a movement of health professionals committed to taking action to protect the health of their patients and communities from the worst impacts of climate change!

Nurses Drawdown – A project of ANHE and Project Drawdown, Nurses and midwives from around the world are invited to join the Nurses Drawdown movement by taking personal and professional action in five key areas: Energy, Gender Equity, Food, Mobility, and Nature. Through commitment to the evidence-based Nurses Drawdown actions, nurses will improve the health of individuals and communities, while also taking steps to heal the planet. 

Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool (CHANT)Nurses and other health professionals around the world are invited to take the CHANT: Climate, Health and Nursing Tool each year. CHANT is a 10-minute survey asking respondents about awareness, motivation, and behaviors related to climate change and health. CHANT 2022 is now available.

Global Nurses Climate Change Committee

Meet our Climate Change Committee Co-Chairs:

Daniel Smith

Daniel J. Smith, PhD, RN, CNE is a doctorally prepared nurse and the Weingarten Endowed Assistant Professors at Villanova University’s M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing. During my PhD Studies, I was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar, Cohort 5. My overarching research interest lies at the intersection of understanding the effects of climate change on the health outcomes of disenfranchised populations and how we can build climate resilience and adaptation skills in communities & health systems. In addition to my scholarship, I have worked clinical with multiple refugee and immigrant populations in the primary care setting. I am excited to be the co-chair of ANHE’s climate change committee and hope to bring my skills to advance the mission of the committee and the organization.

Kathy Simmonds

Kathy Simmonds, PhD, MPH, WHNP-BC is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Women’s Health/Gender-Related Nurse Practitioner Track in the School of Nursing at the MGH Institute of Health Professions. Her clinical work and research has focused on reproductive health, and more recently has expanded to include climate change and health. She is particularly interested in intersections between climate justice and reproductive justice, and welcomes collaboration with others also interested in this area. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the MGH Institute’s Center for Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Health. She lives with her husband and son on Peaks Island in the beautiful Casco Bay of Maine.