E-Textbook – Environmental Health in Nursing

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) is delighted to announce the publication of Environmental Health in Nursing an open access textbook for nurses and other health professionals.  Leading environmental health nursing experts have joined together to share their environmental health knowledge, expertise and experiences.  The book offers essential information for nurses new to the topics as well as those with advanced environmental health experience. What is so exciting about this book is that our electronic format provides direct links to authoritative resources such as the EPA, ToxNet and WHO.  In addition it provides ease of accessing information because of the electronic search features.  We want this to be a living document and we welcome ideas for new topics and potential authors in subsequent editions.

On December 29, 2017 it was announced that Environmental Health in Nursing had been chosen Book of the Year in Environmental Health by the American Journal of Nursing! Kudos to the editors and authors for this well-deserved honor!

Use the viewer below to read the textbook online as well as download. The controls will appear at the bottom of the book once the cursor is over the book. Links to download individual chapters are below the viewer.

Environmental Health in Nursing_AJN-BOY


Unit I – Why Nursing?

Unit II – Harmful Environmental Exposures and Vulnerable Populations

Unit III – Environmental Health Sciences

Unit IV – Practice Settings

Unit V – Sustainable Communities

Unit VI – Climate Change

Unit VII – Energy

Unit VIII – Advocacy

Unit XI – Research

Unit X – Conclusion