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Our Work

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) works on a number of different issues of interest to nurses. See below for resources on these issues and recommendations for how nurses can be involved.

Our Work

Climate change is one of the most pressing public health issues we face today. Learn about how the health impacts of climate change and how nurses can be leaders in supporting strong climate action.

Read our award-winning, free e-textbook that offers essential information for nurses new to the topics as well as those with advanced environmental health experience. 

Access to clean water is still a challenge for many communities. Here nurses will find the tools they need to understand this complex issue and to take action to support healthier water in their communities.

Pollution from vehicles can cause harmful health effects and worsen climate change. Learn more about how the transportation sector is impacting health and what nurses can do about it. 

From the local impacts from mining and drilling fossil fuels to the climate impacts from burning fossil fuels, energy use and production can have a significant impact on human health.

Launched in 2019, this program trains nurses to work with communities in tackling serious environmental health threats.

An alphabetic list of hazards and environmentally related health impacts with descriptions. Useful links to the National Library of Medicine and the US EPA are included

To date, federal efforts to monitor and regulate the over 80,000 chemicals in commerce has been largely ineffective and the majority have not been tested for safety.

A compilation of helpful tools, databases, and other resources for the nurse interested in environmental health.

How our food is produced and what types of foods we’re consuming can have significant impacts on our environment. Learn how nurses can play a key role in reducing these impacts.