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Electronic Waste

There are a variety of environmental health risks that may be associated with electronics. These include electric and magnetic fields (EMF), the fire retardants that are used in many electronic products; the electronic waste dumping that is occurring, particularly in developing countries, like India; and the need for e-cycling.

As technology continues to be invented and reinvented we continue to amass electronic equipment that is obsolete.   This e-waste has to go somewhere.  Around the country and around the globe there are programs to recycle e-waste.

E-Cycling – For the most part, recycling occurs under the domain of a local government or non-profit.   By calling your local solid waste provider, you can find out what is available in your area.  Here’s a link with the names of organizations that can also help you find a local e-cycler  

EPA’s resource pages: COMPUTER e-Cycling

CELL PHONE e-Cycling:  Drop It Off 

Drop off your old cell phone, PDA, cell phone batteries, chargers, or other accessories at one of the retailers or service providers below. Visit the links for detailed drop-off and collection event information.