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Organic, Local, Seasonal and Whole Foods

Organic, local, seasonal and whole foods options in the hospital for employees, visitors, and patients. Start a farmer’s market onsite.

Sustainable Food in Health Care

Food Systems and Healthcare Presentation

In this presentation, Lucia Sayre and Patrice Sutton, describe the importance

Food Systems and Health Care Audio Presentation

Download: Food Systems and Health Care – Patrice Sutton presentation

Download: Food Systems and Health Care – Lucia Sayre presentation

This handout describes the Food Matters programs developed for healthcare providers. “The Food Matters program is a comprehensive package to encourage hospitals and healthcare professionals to become leaders and advocates for a food system that promotes public and environmental health.”

Download: Food Matters

Sandra Steingraber Why Buy Organic?

Why buy organic? In this video Sandra Steingraber discusses why buying organic foods is important.

Disclaimer: This video was produced by an organic food company, but her message was too important now to be included in our resources.

The Healthy Food in Health Care initiative is a national campaign by Health Care Without Harm to support hospitals and other health care facilities in providing healthier, local and sustainably produced foods to patients, employees, visitors and surrounding community members.  This campaign also supports health care facilities in implementing environmentally sustainable initiatives in hospital food service. They offer many opportunities for health professional engagement on this issue.

The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of meat, poultry, dairy and eggs, raised sustainably and without antibiotics, from farms, stores and restaurants in your area.

Meatless Monday

HCWH Healthy Food Systems

Download: In Harms Way

Download: Huron Hospital Community Garden Project