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Green Cleaning

Below are links to many different resources that can be used to start using green cleaning techniques and products in healthcare and in the home.

Cleaning Products and Work-Related Asthma Fact Sheet  Cleaning products are used in all workplaces and can cause or trigger work-related asthma. Employers should make sure the safest products and practices are used in the workplace so that people do not get asthma from work.

Risks to Asthma Posed by Indoor Health Care Environments: A Guide to Identifying and Reducing Problematic Exposures   This guide has been written for a widespread audience interested in the indoor air quality of health care facilities, specifically as related to asthma. It contains both rigorously researched information about hazard, and practical tools and resources that will promote effective implementation of safer alternatives.

Cleaning products can cause asthma   The California Department of Health’s Occupational Health Branch has created a great resource on cleaning products and work-related asthma.  This one-stop-shop resource outlines work-related asthma prevention tips, infection control guidelines, green cleaning tips, and guides to start a green cleaning program at your workplace.

Cleaning for Healthy Schools Toolkit   The Cleaning for Healthy Schools Toolkit is a free “do-it-yourself” tool on how to find and phase in the use of certified green cleaning products that are proven to work and to save money. Listen to the archived presentations. Then teach others. Create your own handouts by accessing free customizable files.

Green Clean Schools For nearly a decade, Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools program has been changing the way schools clean, with great benefits for students, staff and the environment. This multi-faceted program helps schools clean better, smarter and safer.

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