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16 thoughts on “Sign our Clean Cars Petition!

  • Joan Kub

    As a public health nurse, I am very concerned about the change in policy about emissions from cars. Pollution is an important determinant of health for millions of people and contributes to compromised health status. Please reject this change in policy for the health of our nation.

  • Dr. Mary Ann Wolfenson, RN, DNP, Il-PEL

    Communities are desperate to improve air quality, but at this point, we are merely trying maintaining it while it is deteriorating. Health care cost is rising due to increases in Asthma and COPD. The CEO’s make sure they do not spend much time living or working in these polluted communities. It is unconscionable to lower standards on cars as I live in Cook County with an EPA air quality index of F.

  • Sandra Wignto

    To whom it may concern:
    I strongly encourage you to not reverse efforts to provide clean safe air. I am a school nurse and work in an area that suffers from poor air quality.The rate of asthma and other respiratory distress has a direct relationship to the general air quality. Please protect the health of our student population and fight to protect, if not enhance, our air quality standards.

  • Alicia Bright

    That anyone, let alone anyone in a leadership position, would think that rolling back emissions standards is inconceivable to me. The health problems associated with emissions are undeniable. The damage caused by emissions to the ecological systems upon which our lives depend is terrifying. We should be doing everything we possibly can to reduce emissions, not rolling back standards. This is the #1 danger to humankind.

  • Karin Urso

    We are addressing outdoor air quality at the Asthma Coalition of Kern County’s Asthma Summit on Thursday, September 27, 2018.

  • Jessica LeClair

    In your next action-alert, please provide some sample op-ed talking points for us to share with our nursing organizations. Thanks!

  • Theresa

    The wildfires in California and the massive flooding from hurricanes this year and last are examples of the future with Climate Change. These fires and floods are endangering lives both human and animal. The fires are creating horrible air quality. We have to move beyond making decisions about the EPA depending on what political party is in control. Right now Congress is trying to move forward to confirm Mr Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He is known for his resistance to EPA regulations.

    Clean car standards are part of a strategy to remove pollutants from the air and to reduce green house gases. Please consider this when destroying standards that protect our air, children, homes and climate.

  • Sandra Worthington, MSN, RN, WHNP

    I am concerned about pollution from cars and the affect it has on the quality of our air. Increase pollution contributes to health problems in our most vulnerable populations. Please don’t enact a policy that will increase car emissions and further threaten the health of US citizens.

  • Dr. Katherine Fornili

    Nurses object to efforts to weaken regulatory controls that keep our patients healthy. Nurses also value science and scientific evidence. Climate change is not a hoax. Reckless assaults on clean car standards that reduce air pollution and fight climate change must be stopped. The decisions that are made today will affect generations to come. There is only one earth, and people are more important than profit motives.

  • Mary Canales

    The Trump administration including the EPA and Interior Departments are intent on increasing pollution and decreasing all efforts to reduce carbon with the belief that climate change does not exist. As PHNs we need to be vocal in our resistance to these efforts that harm the health of all citizens and the planet itself.