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Welcome! Our website is the home of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE) and is THE place for nurses to gather essential environmental health information, connect with other nurses, and join in the activities of ANHE. Explore our communities (how topic areas are arranged) and start making positive changes!.


Are you new to environmental health or looking to expand your knowledge? Are you a nursing educator or researcher? Our eTextbook provides the latest Environmental Health information – peer-reviewed and written by experts.

Life Cycles

Environmental exposures can have different health impacts across the lifecycle. Discover how environmental exposures can impact human health across the lifecycle – from prenatal through old age.


An A-Z resource on environmental hazards andhuman health effects, and tools for assessing exposures.


Compendium of environmental health articles written by nurses.


Your one stop shop for environmental health assessment tools, handouts, presentations, videos, and more


Here’s where nursing researchers can connect with each other, discover current focus areas in environmental health nursing research, stay abreast of funding opportunities, and participate in the research workgroup of ANHE. (more…)

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Potential Health Impacts of Fracking in California
12:00 - 1:00, 29 Jan 2015

We will provide an overview of the fracking process, examine fracking’s track record, and discuss the role of health professionals in preventing harm from the potential environmental and public health

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Meeting questions/comments

December 10, 2014 by Dave Errickson   Comments (0)

Tom asked if we could post our comments from today's coordinator's call so here are mine. I learned ANHE wants us to

Robyn Gilden, MD State Coordinator

November 24, 2014 by Robyn Gilden   Comments (0)

, ,

green rn, taking action, research, resources

Hi All,

I am a founding member of ANHE at the UM School of Nursing. I've been away for a while, but am reenga

Starting to use the site

November 18, 2014 by Dave Errickson   Comments (0)

anhe, resources

Hi, Dave Errickson, RN, Health Fellow from Lansing MI here. I work in Jackson, MI at Allegiance Health as a cardiac/s

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Featured communities

open community / 14 members

Fracking and Public Health

Provides basic information on fracking, health effects, and ways for nurses to be involved in advocacy around this issue.

open community / 24 members

Climate Change and Health

Provides an overview of climate change, explores health implications and provides an opportunity for advocacy on climate change issues.

open community / 33 members

Vulnerable Populations

Biological, social, and behavioral factors that make humans, across the life span, more vulnerable to poor health outcomes from environmental stressors.

open community / 26 members

Why Nursing and Environmental Health?

The environment along with human behavior, genetics/biology and the health care system contribute to the health and illness among human populations.

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