CHANT: Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool

Calling all  nurses…please take this brief survey addressing Climate, Health and Nursing.

The Climate, Health, and Nursing Tool (CHANT) is a 10-minute survey asking nurses about awareness, motivation, and behaviors related to climate change and health. It has been developed with the input of numerous content experts, initial results have been psychometrically analyzed and items have been revised for this relaunch.

The survey will be open continuously, and results will be analyzed twice annually, to learn how nurses’ perceptions are changing over time.  

The survey will take 10-12 minutes to complete.  It is anonymous and voluntary. It is available for nurses in any part of the nation or world. We ask that all interested nurses take the survey annually. Please take the survey here and share with other nurses.


A word to faculty, researchers and graduate students:

It is possible to use the tool in studies, projects, or capstones. A specific testing episode code can be assigned to participants in your study. Their responses can be downloaded and sent to you for analysis. If interested, please contact Dr. Beth Schenk at