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EnviRN News – April 10, 2018 Babies Summer Summit TSCA Beach Writing Food

Arpil 10, 2018

Gather rosebuds while ye may…

It is spring time. Babies are on the horizon. While i admit that I remember when preparing the home for babies amounted to making sure the kerosene lamp would not tip over, we now have better tools. Check out the Baby Products Guide at Guide. Make sure you scroll down to note the “credits”.

Summer is coming

Fires, drought, heat, weather extremes, reduced snow pack, and more. So you can keep your slide deck and data up to date, and have good info for you op-eds, here are a couple sites. CO2 keeps going up. Go to CO2. Temperature keeps going up. Go to Temperature 1 or Temperature 2.

Nursing Summit on Environmental Health May 6 and 7

We are looking forward to seeing you in San Diego in a couple weeks. The agenda looks great. The price is right. Learn and network. Go to Summit.


We know you have been following the path of the Toxic Substance Control Act. This legislative update on the 12th should be a good watch. Go to TSCA. As you know your ANHE is one of the organizations trying to hold the EPA accountable. Go to ANHE and TSCA.

Beach Property

Maybe you should have boght that beach house a little more inland. NOAA has created a nice interactive tool that shows various sea level rise scenarios. Go to Sea Level.

Keep Writing

A piece by Cara Cook, one by Lois Wessel, some Talking Points, and if you like to listen while on that Stairmaster go to ANHE Podcasts.

How are you doing on that new year’s resolution to write an op-ed?


“Dad, broccoli has as much protein as an egg.” I give her that knowing tolerant smile thinking – where does she get those bizarre ideas? I hope it is not drugs. Couldn’t be the boyfriend. Somewhere on Twitter probably. Ok. I looked it up – healthy serving of broccoli has about the same amount as an egg. To atone I spent some time at Drawdown. Plant rich diet is #4! Now i know at a personal level I need to move beyond meatless Monday, turkeyless Tuesday, wingless Wednesday, tunaless Thursday, fishless Friday, or whatever other pretend option I toy with. I know Beth Schenk and others in the ANHE Practice group are thinking about professional strategies. What are the policy options we should be thinking about?


How are you doing with those resolutions – Join a workgroup call, tell a colleague about ANHE, write an opinion piece, and ask a candidate a question?


APHN annual conference – April 29 – May 2, 2018
Nursing and the Environment Summit – May 6-7, 2018
Clean Med – May 7-9, 2018
ACHNE annual conference – June 7-9, 2018

ANHE Website

Go to ANHE.

ANHE has a number of workgroups. Education, Practice, Research, Policy, and Climate. If you are interested in one of them, go to the pull down menu ‘Work Groups’ at the ANHE site.


Remember – ANHE is your nursing organization that works for you on environmental issues. Keep it going, go to Donate.

Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.