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EnviRN News – January 22, 2018 – Survey, ecoAmerica, Plastics, Potpourri, Resolutions

Januar 22, 2018

ANHE eText Survey

Reminder – if you have not done so, please take the survey about the ANHE eText. Go to eText Survey. This text developed by many hands and minds is online, free, open access, and award winning (is that a great phrase or what!). Help make the second edition even better.

Climate and Health Talking Points

ANHE partners, ecoAmerica and Climate for Health have developed practical guidances to assist you in talking about climate and health. Go to Climate Talking Points. This useful monthly series will offer background, talking points, and responses to the other side. ANHE will provide additional information on the ANHE blog site at ANHE Blog. At the Blog you can find the Let’s Talk monograph and webinar.


Add to the list of things I had not thought of – the connection between fracking and the production of plastics. Take a look at Plastics Boom. On top of that let’s add – How washing my clothes puts plastics into the ocean. The phrase I see landing in news reports – Washing clothes releases half a million tonnes of plastic microfibres into the ocean every year, equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles. The original report can be found at New Textiles. I have no idea what a “tonne” is, but I bet it is a lot.


Occupational Health offers an internship program. Comes with a stipend, chance to work across fields, and a way to write that How I Spent My Summer essay. Go to Occupational Internship. Learn about the FrackHealth database at a webinar produced by TEDX. Go to FrackHealth data. For background on fossil fuel combustion and global pediatric health go to Commentary.


How are you doing with those resolutions – Join a workgroup call, tell a colleague about ANHE, write an opinion piece, and ask a candidate a question? Louise has checked off one – see Tribal Resiliency.


APHN annual conference – April 29 – May 2, 2018
Clean Med – May 7-9, 2018
ACHNE annual conference – June 7-9, 2018

Webinars and Courses

Webinar –  Human Health Hazards, Risks, and Impacts Associated with Underground Gas Storage in California
Webinar – Climate change, health equity, and environmental justice from MPHA
Webinar – Project ECHO for reproductive and pediatric environmental health
Webinar – PEHSU Grand Rounds
Webinar – Brain Development – UOG
Webinar – EPA Schools – Archived
Webinar – EPA Rules and Children – Archived
Webinar – Mental Health and Climate – Archived
Course – Case Studies in Environmental Medicine – Case Studies
Course – Chemicals of Concern – Six Classes

ANHE Website

Go to ANHE.

ANHE has a number of workgroups. Education, Practice, Research, Policy, and Climate. If you are interested in one of them, go to the pull down menu ‘Work Groups’ at the ANHE site.


Remember – ANHE is your nursing organization that works for you on environmental issues. Keep it going, go to Donate.

Be Well!

Tom Engle
Newsletter Ed.