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Nurses Applaud Senate Leadership on Introduction of International Climate Accountability Act

June 6th, 2019

Cara Cook, Climate Change Program Coordinator, ANHE

Washington, DC – Senators Shaheen, Menedez, and Carper have introduced S. 1743 – the International Climate Accountability Act – as a companion bill to H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act. This bill, similar to H.R. 9, would require the Trump administration to develop a plan for the United States to meet its commitment under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. H.R. 9 was passed in the House in early May 2019.

Cara Cook, Climate Change Program Coordinator with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and a nurse, issued the following statement:

“Nurses applaud Senator Shaheen’s leadership in introducing the International Climate Accountability Act in the Senate. Climate change is a health emergency, with people across the United States already experiencing health impacts from climate change. Without strong action to address climate change, we can only expect these impacts to worsen – increases in asthma and respiratory disease from degradation of air quality, disruption of essential health services from extreme weather events, and mental and physical trauma from community disruption and relocation.”

“The passage of H.R. 9 in May was a critical step forward in ensuring the US meets its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. Nurses and other health professionals are now calling on elected officials in the Senate to support continued advancement of action on climate change. The health of all Americans and our future generations depends on bold and immediate action to address climate change. ”


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