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Supreme Court narrows EPA authority, nurses demand Congress to take action


Jessica Mengistab
Program Manager, Climate & Clean Energy Advocacy
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
(732) 336-1606

Washington, D.C.— On Thursday June 30, 2022 SCOTUS announced its ruling on West Virginia vs. EPA docket no. 20-1530. 

The Supreme Court’s decision to narrow the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas  emissions from the power sector  is a public health disaster.  Health experts and climate scientists have been sounding the alarm about the global climate crisis and the need for swift, strong action to get ahead of the devastating effects to come, which makes today’s SCOTUS announcement even more disappointing.

“With climate impacts such as drought, extreme heat, flooding and wildfires already impacting our nation, this is not the time to limit the EPA’s authority to regulate carbon pollution,” said Dr. Katie Huffling, Executive Director of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments. “Communities across the country are looking at less healthy futures if we are not able to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change.” 

The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments recognizes the immense public health benefits which result from strong regulatory protections under the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act gives EPA clear authority to regulate air pollution that harms public health, including greenhouse gas emissions. Strong clean air standards not only have improved our environment, they have saved millions of lives and improved the health of communities across the country.  

Although today’s announcement is recognized by numerous health and environmental organizations as a setback in combating climate change, ANHE nurses will not let this deter our efforts in support of strong climate action.  Nurses across the country demand swift climate action from Congress in order to address effects of climate change and protect public health. We have no time to wait and we need our elected officials to prioritize a transition towards clean energy and decarbonization. We also need the EPA to quickly finalize regulations currently under consideration that are not impacted by today’s ruling. If we all work together in support of strong climate action we can transform our ailing planet into one that supports a healthy future for generations to come.


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