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Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments is Featured in TIME Magazine’s CO2 Futures!

ANHE Featured in TIME CO2 Futures!

TIME Magazine did an amazing write-up and short video uplifting ANHE’s work. Read the full article here.

“ANHE has helped notch include pushing for a successful ban on fracking—which harms health by releasing particles into the air and chemicals into groundwater—in Maryland, in 2017; and the 2016 passage of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, which helps tighten safety rules on such toxic substances as lead, mercury, PFAS, and asbestos.

In 2024 and beyond, the group will increasingly be training its guns on climate change—the overarching crisis that is making the planet as a whole increasingly sickly. “It has such profound impacts on human health,” says Huffling, “and when strong climate action is taken it [provides] the greatest opportunity for disease prevention.”

Close to a generation after that first gathering in Oracle, ANHE continues to take the fight to the forces dirtying the planet and bringing illness to the people who live on it. On the hospital ward, nurses administer their care one case, one patient, one person at a time. In the wider world, they are working to look after all eight billion of us.”