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New Resources! Developed by the 2020 ANHE Student Nurse Committee

The ANHE Student Nurse Committee is a unique opportunity for pre-licensure nursing students to explore their passion around environmental health, to engage in peer learning and sharing, and to develop leadership skills in environmental health nursing.  Student nurses are selected to serve on the committee for a one-year term. As part of their participation in the committee, students work on a project with their fellow committee members. 

ANHE launched the inaugural Student Nurse Committee in 2020 with a group of 8 pre-licensure student nurses from across the United States. Committee members included: Talya Briana, Liz Flores, Ari Marashi, Andrew Jensen, Tiffany Pearson, Elise Krikorian, Daniella Rossi, and Leanna Clark. This year, the student-driven and led group developed educational materials geared to nurses, nursing students, and community members around environmental health. The students self-divided into two subcommittees to focus on two different environmental issues: 1) composting and 2) environmental injustices. The student nurses shared their experience and work over the past year on the latest episode of the Nurses for Healthy Environments podcast. Learn more and check out the resources they developed below!

2020 Student Nurse Committee Developed Resources

Mindless Composting Guide: Reduce, Reuse, Compost: The guide addresses the barriers that would prevent you from taking action at home. Taking small action might seem meaningless, but collectively, each of our efforts helps to drawdown carbon emissions to combat climate change. Our guide will help you become aware of the food waste you generate, creatively reuse your food scraps, and implement a mindless composting method no matter where you live. Start taking imperfect action by reading the Mindless Composting Guide to learn about the benefits of extending the life cycle of your food for you and the planet.

Environmental Injustices Factsheets: A suite of factsheets summarizing the disproportionate impacts from environmental exposures across populations, including What is Environmental Injustice, Impacts of Extreme Weather on Children, and Extreme Winter Weather for people experiencing homelessness. In addition to an educational factsheet for community members summarizing the Effects on Heat in Older Adults and how to prevent heat-related illness, developed in partnership with Alternatives for Community and the Environment

The 2020 student nurse members will rotate off the committee at the end of the year and we will be starting with a brand new group in 2021!