Nurses! Show your support for the Clean Water Rule 2

Thanks for dropping by. This action is no longer available. We were able to submit this letter in support of the Clean Water Rule to the EPA, signed by over 325 nurses! Please sign up for our list serve (EnviRN News) and we’ll let you know when the next action is available. You can read the letter below:

Dear Administrator Wheeler and Assistant Secretary James:

As nurses and nursing students we strongly oppose any proposal that eliminates or weakens the Clean Water Rule, which provides critical clean water protections. Upstream headwaters and wetlands are important sources of freshwater and provide drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans. The Clean Water Rule provides a framework for the EPA and public health and water officials to address public health threats from upstream contamination.

Repealing the Clean Water Rule is an assault on basic protections for clean water. Clean and safe drinking water is vital for health, communities, and the economy.

We recognize that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a public health agency. Now is the time for EPA to put public health first and scrap plans to repeal this science-based, common-sense regulation that will protect the drinking waters for millions of Americans.



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2 thoughts on “Nurses! Show your support for the Clean Water Rule

  • Brittany Broadus

    There are so many things against us in today’s world. Our shampoo, makeup and even clothes contain known carcinogenic chemicals. The food we put in out mouth contains pesticides known to cause cancer. It can become stressful to fight for your health at every turn. It would take a huge weight off of my shoulders if at least I knew I could trust the water.