ANHE Work Groups

Are you passionate about nursing and the environment? Do you have something you want to learn? Or want to share? The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments Work Groups are a way for nursing professionals from around the country to connect and collaborate on a regular basis (and students are always welcome!).

We have divided our activities into 4 main Work Groups: Education, Practice, Research, and Policy/Advocacy. Each of the Work Groups meets once a month or bi-monthly via a free conference call or webinar to partake in educational presentations, share progress, and strategize about collective efforts. We are a WONDERFUL and WELCOMING group of nurses. Your interest is the only prerequisite for participation!!

Issues of Concern

  • Exposures in our homes, workplaces, schools, and communities
  • Air, water, & food quality
  • Gene-environment interactions
  • Environmental health risks through the life cycle
  • Energy use and sustainable energy
  • Climate change

ANHE Work Groups


Nursing Professional Standard 17: “The Registered Nurse practices in an environmentally safe and healthy manner.” The Practice Work Group welcomes nurses from all areas who would like to help meet this important standard. Learn from nurse leaders in healthcare sustainability, explore environmental issues in different practice areas, share lessons learned, & connect with nurses who believe that environmental health is a key component of nursing practice.


The focus of the Policy/Advocacy Work Group is to bring the voice of nursing to local, state, and national environmental health policy and advocacy initiatives. On the monthly work group calls hear from national leaders on environmental health policy, learn more about issues and how nurses can become engaged, and develop the skills needed to become increasingly successful nurse advocates.


The focus of the Education Work Group is to integrate environmental health content into all levels of nursing curriculum, including basic, advanced, and continuing education. This is being accomplished through writing a virtual “e-textbook” in Environmental Health and Nursing, developing and expanding environmental health curriculum recommendations, teaching strategies, and engaging nurses to promote environmental health nursing education, share progress, and strategize about collective efforts.


The focus of the Research Work Group is to frame and support an agenda for enabling nurses to solve environmental challenges to health through the creation of new knowledge. Whether you are a novice or experienced nurse researcher, this work group can provide you with support, funding ideas, and connections with environmental health nurse researchers.

Global Nurses Climate Change Committee

The Climate Change Committee views climate change impacts from a global lens and works to incorporate elements of practice, education, research, and policy/advocacy as it relates to solutions to address this health crisis.  Our current work includes developing educational resources that can be utilized by all specialties of nursing, identifying avenues for advocacy at local, state, and federal levels, and working within nursing organizations to prioritize this issue. This committee encourages participation on an international level, as global unification is vital to advancing action to reduce health threats posed by climate change.

For more information on the individual work groups or committees click on the links to the work group pages above or contact Katie Huffling or 240.753.3729.